Ethiopia partners meeting 2015035

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Venue-Infocentre Time- 2:00PM-5:00 PM Agendas 1. Progress update from partner institutions 2. Brief presentation on crop residue management research 3. Scaling plans for 2015 4. CRA after June 2015 5. Write-shop plans 6. Student research attachment for 2015 7. External review 8. Upcoming world congress and international conferences 9. AOB (IP meetings participation and monthly travel plans, consultancies and others)

Progress update ILRI

  • Kindu and Peter went to India for a cross learning at CSISA
  • Organized an Africa RISING and IPM IL meeting to share experiences and identify areas for collaborations. Participants are from ICARDA, CIP, ILRI, FAO and VirginiaTech
  • IP meetings and field days- Debre Birhan and Lemo took place in February 2015
  • On-farm research on faba bean/forage inter-cropping using supplemental irrigation is established in Lemo and Debre Birhan


  • Introduce Walnut planting material and started to initiate the first leaf
  • Monitor Apple seedling growth performance in Sinana. There was an improvement in management (proper irrigation, mulching and fencing). In case of Endamehoni wooly aphid infestation is apparent on already planted apple plants. Though there was a deal with woreda Agriculture office, their response is not fast.
  • Walnut Planting site selection in AR field site
  • Provision of Fertilizer for each Apple growing filed site ( potassium)
  • For Scaling up initiate volunteer farmer selection
  • Started communication with woreda officials for Fruit Nursery site selection & land allocation
  • Preparation for fruit tree training manuals
  • In each site monitor Apple and avocado management practices and growth condition
  • Challenge:-Overlapping of different activities on AR site and reduce effectiveness of the field work.


  • Data analysis started at land scape and plot levels
  • To run simulation /participatory intervention selection
  • Meeting with a group of CG partners of AR to brief about the way we are going
  • Three new people joined for land degradation survey


  • Trying to implement four protocols
  • Completed the assessment /irrigation
  • Sustainable perceptions going on
  • designed gender tools for the two protocol with Annet and Elias


  • Data analysis started
  • Receiving tools for small mechanization
  • Planning to start irrigation during the belg season
  • Writing proposal on system intensification


  • preparing for the bleg season
  • Established partnership with EPHI for nutrition- MoU signed
  • Developing the base line tool and organizing training mainly for IP members


  • Focusing on post-harvest management and processing
  • Training on post-harvest management – 9 Faba bean PVS farmers participated
  • Data processing – field data has been collected – received malt barley for analysis from three action sites and waiting from BW woreda
  • Plan- scaling on Faba bean – challenge in disease
  • Planning to put IPM experiment in Basona Worena
  • Scaling all the crops that were tested on PVS – with the same participants as well as with the adjusting farmers
  • Have one a student in Basona Worena
  • A masters student – in Sinana- on supplementation trial on sheep


  • Collected soil samples analysis results
  • Frequently visiting the plant samples provided to ILRI lab
  • Keep following the plant analysis

Presentation by Melkamu

Presentation by Peter Thorne


  • One ways of scaling up strategy could be through policy maker influencing
  • Scaling is quite resource intensive. We need to hit a bigger set of beneficiaries and we need to engage the national partners

CRA after June 2015: most of the protocols will come to an end by June 2015. The following points were raised:

  • Good to work with the already existing farmers for the coming season
  • To notify Peter and Kindu about the possible protocols partners wants to concentrate on by April 15
  • We need to be very careful not to overlap
  • we need to make consultation with IP member before we fixed the research areas

Writeshop plan - Suggested partners to draft something before the writeshop : - The writeshop is proposed for May - Suggested to set up groups with theme e.g IP team and start thinking over the types of paper they would like to write e.g for journals, conference papers

External review - Africa RISING project in the Ethiopian highlands will go through an internally commissioned external evaluators between 22 March – 2 April - They will meet partners, farmers and site coordinators - They will have a field trip to Lemo and Endamhoni - They will have a briefing session/workshop at the end of their review AOB - All partners are encouraged to work through and with the IP members . it is advisable that researchers attend the IP meeting thought they may not have the time to attend every meeting