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Africa RISING site in Lemo (SNNPR)[edit | edit source]

According to the 2007 census, the total population of the woreda is 118,594 people of whom 58,666 were male and 59,928 female. In this district, Africa RISING is working in two kebeles, Jawe and Upper Gana.

In general, the district is well-served by markets and roads, but infrastructure is poor. Visitors to rural areas will encounter a diverse and intense tree-crop-livestock system containing many trees and fruit orchards as well as enset (or false banana, its pulp forms a staple food, its leaves are fed to animals). Land is scarce and fragmented, there are many people (many receiving remittances from outside the area), and crop diseases are affecting the enset and the wheat. Responding to farmer demands, Africa RISING efforts focus on ways to intensify land productivity through technologies that work well for small landholding and diversify farm income. Current interventions include sheep fattening, forages, improved crop varieties, fruit trees and water-harvesting.

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