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Africa RISING site in Endamehoni (Tigray)[edit | edit source]

Endamehoni is one of eight rural woredas in Tigray’s South Zone. The woreda capital, Maichew, is located 120 km from the regional capital (Mekelle). Its area is approximately 612.33 km2. Land use comprises 17,992 ha cultivated land, 16,910 ha forest and 1,094.5 ha under bushes and shrubs. According to the 2007 census, the total population of the woreda is 92,690 people (89,086 in rural areas and 3,604 in urban areas). The woreda’s climatic zones are spread across lowland/kola (5%), temperate/weina dega (30%) and highland/dega (65%). Annual rainfall ranges from 600 –800 mm. In this district, Africa RISING is working in two kebeles, Emba Hasti and Tsibet.

In general, markets are quite accessible. Visitors to rural areas will encounter a dry environment facing challenges of land degradation, deforestation, water scarcity and shortages of feed for livestock. Given its dryness, climate-smart crop and feed interventions along with appropriate management recommendations have been prioritized by Africa RISING. It also supports methods of water harvesting and utilisation. Here, the project has developed especially close relations with the local Agricultural, Technical, and Vocational Education Training (ATVET) college to develop and test innovative technologies, such as row planting machinery.

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