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Africa RISING East and Southern Africa Project Pre-Planning Meeting
10 - 11 September 2019
Arusha, Tanzania


  1. Mateete Bekunda, IITA
  2. Ben Lukuyu, ILRI
  3. Yasinta Muzanila, SUA
  4. Elirehema Y.Swai, TARI-Hombolo
  5. Francis Muthoni, IITA
  6. Ancient Sambala, IITA
  7. Julius Manga, IITA
  8. Lieven Claessens, IITA
  9. Fred Kizito, IITA
  10. Bundula Fischer, IITA
  11. James Mwololo, ICRISAT
  12. Leonard Marwa, ILRI
  13. Mawazo J. Shitindi, SUA
  14. Christopher Mutungi, IITA
  15. Job Kihara, CIAT
  16. Chrispinus D. Rubanza, UDOM
  17. Anthony A.Kimaro, ICRAF
  18. Justus, IITA
  19. Jean-Mare, IITA
  20. Bright Jumbo, CIMMITY
  21. Eveline Massam, IITA

This report includes highlights of the two pre-planning meetings held at Arusha, Tanzania July 2019. The meeting brought together project team from Eastern and Southern Africa to discuss and agreed on the presentation templates for the project review and planning meeting in September 10-11. Also engaged project stakeholders to discuss and agree on series of activities and timelines for producing presentation formats and implementing other identified custom products.

Review and response to suggestions from SIAF workshop (Ghana 29-02 Nov.2019) and Learning Event Malawi (5-8 Feb 2019)
Lessons learned from the SIAF Workshops in Malawi and Ghana
Presentations by Job Kihara/CIAT
Job Kihara explained among of the keys things he learnt were mainly on the intensification and mapping of the innovation, social integration and support to capture different path through social work for-example focus group discussions and discussion with individual farmers. Which according to him, it was the biggest lessons he learned from Lujumbula, Ghana. He also shared an example presented on the water management data which for him it was important perspectives. He explained with such kind of information’s they could be able to assess farmers’ perspectives on production, economics and social domains.