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Africa RISING site in Sinana (Oromia)

According to the 2007 census, the total population of the woreda is 118,594 people of whom 61,968 were men and 56,626 women. Sinana is at an altitude between 2000 and 2500 metres. In this district, Africa RISING is working in two kebeles, Ilu-Sanbitu and Salka.

In general, the district has weak road infrastructure and producers experience difficulties getting to markets. A visitor to rural areas will see larger landholdings given over to a few crops, especially wheat, with a mix of other crops and livestock and relatively few people. The mechanized wheat ‘mono-cropping’ is threatened by diseases and leads to a lack of nutritional diversity in the community. To address some of these issues, Africa RISING encourages crop and tree diversification and and works on interventions with low labour requirements. Current interventions target forage crops, new plant varieties such as faba bean, barley, potato, apples and fodder trees, improved management practices, and better crop residue management including storage and conservation.

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