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Sustainable Intensification Indicators and Assessment Framework[edit | edit source]

See presentation : The mess of measuring sustainability in mixed crop-livestock systems: Towards a practicable solution for evaluating sustainable intensification options

  • Report and tables from the San Jose meeting (Feb 2015)

File:SI_Workshop_ feb2015_report.docx

File:SI_Workshop_ feb2015_tables.docx

  • SI indicators: community and household initial draft templates (aka "quick and dirty") (September 2015)

File:SI indicators Community Template_22Sep2015.xlsx File:SI indicators Household Template_22Sep2015.xlsx

  • Sustainable intensification indicators framework

File:SI indicator tables by domain and scale - revised 22 Jan 16.docx

More information: [| Vara Prasad], [| Sieglinde Snapp], [| Peter Thorne], [| Carlo Azzarri]