Work package 3 Introduction to pasture, forage and establishment training workshop

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Work package 3 - Introduction to pasture, forage and establishment training workshop
18 November, 2014
White Rose Hotel, Babati, Tanzania
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  • Enable farmers to appreciate the importance of pastures
  • Improved establishment of pastures /forages
  • Improved harvesting use and storage of forages
  • Learn from farmers’ experiences and shortcoming in pasture/forage establishment and harvesting


Enter MAJOR ongoing/planned and completed tasks
Date Time Activity Remarks
Day 1 (17th) Research team only
17/11/2014 Monday Travelling to Babati All Trainers and participants
18/11/2014 Tuesday 08:30am Registration of Participants Eric Anyona (ILRI)
09:00am Opening of Workshop and Introduction of Trainers Hassan Lugendo (District Livestock Officer/Festo Ngulu (Africa RISING)
18/11/2014 Tuesday 09:00 Introduction to forage/Pasture

- Types of pasture and forages
- Characteristics of pasture and forages
- Importance and use of Pasture and forages
- Jonas Kizima (TALIRI TANGA)
- Walter Mangesho (TALIRI TANGA)

18/11/2014 Tuesday 10:30 Pasture/forage establishment process

- Aim of pasture/forage establishment
- Process of pasture/forage establishment
- Preparation of seeds and planting materials
- Leonard Marwa (ILRI)
- Haule Alphonce (ILRI)
- Jonas Kizima (TALIRI TANGA)

Tea Break (30min)
18/11/2014 Tuesday 11:30 Pasture/forage harvesting

- Materials for pasture/forage harvesting
- Proper time for pasture/forage harvesting
- Methods of Harvesting Pasture/forage
- Leonard Marwa (ILRI)
- Haule Alphonce (ILRI)
- Gregory Sikumba (ILRI)

Lunch Break (1 hour)
18/11/2014 Tuesday 14:00 Group Discussion Session (3 groups)

Group 1 Napier grass
Group 2 Cencrus Cilliaris
Group 3 = Desmodium

All Trainers
18/11/2014 Tuesday 15:30 Group Presentations (10 min presentation & 10min Questions and comments) per group Group 1 to 3 leaders
18/11/2014 Tuesday 16:30 Selection of Demo Farmers and AOB Gilbert Mbesere/ Gregory Sikumba
18/11/2014 Tuesday 16:50 Closure and Remarks Hassan Lugendo (Platform Chairman)
19/11/2014 Wed 09:00 Planning for Establishment of demo plots in next planting season 2014/2015 District Extension staff/Village Extension staff and Africa RISING Scientists
19/11/2014 Wed 12:00 pm Departure from Babati All Trainers

Background materials