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Africa RISING Phase II
Internally Commissioned External Review
June/July 2019 - June 2020
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  • Document reviews: June/July 2019 (5 days/reviewer)
  • Key informant interviews: June/July 2019 for WA and Ethiopia, January 2020 for East/Southern Africa (2 days/reviewer, 3 days team leader)
  • Travels to countries to meet with key informants and field visits: September 2019 (Ghana and Mali); October 2019 (Ethiopia), February/March 2020 (Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania);a detailed schedule will be worked out by Africa RISING Management (# of days to be determined after finalizing the schedule) approx. 10 days per project per reviewer
  • Interim report with key findings and draft recommendations for WA and ET projects: November 2019 (8 days/reviewer, 10 days team leader)
  • Debriefing meeting with PCT: could be virtual, March 2020 after conclusion of field trips in Tanzania (1 day)
  • Draft report writing: April 2020 (10 days/reviewer, 12 days for team leader)
  • Feedback on draft report from PCT: May 2020
  • Final Report writing: two weeks after receipt of feedback from PCT (June 2020) 2 days/reviewer, 4 days for team leader)


  1. Initial summary report on the findings (for the debriefing meeting)
  2. Interim report for WA and ET projects
  3. Draft report with key findings and recommendations - for comments and feedback by the Africa RISING PCT
  4. Final report with key findings and recommendations (no more than 50 pages)

Program background materials

Project background materials

Previous internally-commissioned review reports

General resources for the reviewers: