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AFRICA RISING[edit | edit source]

#Program level communicationEthiopian Highlands project communication[edit | edit source]

Check our (program) comms tools and resources

Each project has its own specific communication and knowledge sharing activities: East and Southern Africa project communication and West Africa project communication are facilitated by IITA. In the Ethiopian Highlands, communication and knowledge sharing activities are facilitated by ILRI - these pages are related to communication in that particular project and region.

Program level communication and knowledge sharing is also facilitated by ILRI.

Specific Ethiopian Highlands communication resources

Communication Tools for innovation platforms A discussion within the Ethiopian Highlands which took place in October 2014, focused on the work flows around Africa RISING sites, to identify how information is generated and how it is captured, how it should be and what can be done accordingly... See the results of this discussion here.

Communication plan priorities (yearly overview)[edit | edit source]

Communication activities are structured around five main clusters of activities. Specific priorities and plans for each year are summarized in the table below. Specific details are available below the table.

Wider influence and impact Research outputs into development outcomes Enriching learning, interaction, exchange Publishing, capturing and disseminating Internal communication
2014 * Peer to peer visit with government agents
* Have an advisory meeting with important people
* Every quarter, have an AR ‘learning meeting’ with partners e.g. FtF
* Engage with SLM / RED&FS to integrate
* Engage with USAID mission and ATA
* Turn baseline stories into digital stories (4 or 8)
* Ensure proper uptake of baseline information in work plans and partner activities
* Engagement with innovation platforms early on / working with research teams on this
* Peer to peer exchange with scientists
* Enrich learning with other projects / LIVES + Humidtropics + linking with knowledge centres based on the campus and in Ethiopia
* Identify and translate specific key documents into Amharic / Oromiffa / Tigrigna
* Capture everything systematically – at team meetings, with partners
* Systematically update website with key publications
* Continue with mattersARising
* Revamp the website
* Feature staff / partner profiles
* Photo journalism trip in Ethiopia
* Encourage more cooperation around the wiki
* Provide Yammer refresher to the team
* Run internal team meetings with management

Specific communication plans[edit | edit source]

See the 2014 communication plan for the Ethiopian Highlands.