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Ethiopia Project coordination and management

Emerging from the January 2012 Workshop

Discussion: Bruno, Rob, Geletu, Tsedeke, Iain, Jerry, Shirley

Project Coordination and Management: Roles, plans, actions

  • What steps are needed to plan and further refine the project’s research agenda, in 2012
  • What institutional arrangements are needed to manage and deliver the project?
  • What are the key milestones we need to achieve, and by when?

  1. Constitute Project Steering Committee [ILRI by February 29]
    2. NARS (1): Getnet
    3. USAID: Jerry
    4. Cross-project linkage representative: (?project lead)
    5. Cross-project research representative: Sieg Snapp (MSU) or WUR – for further discussion
    6. Coordinator (ex-officio): ILRI
    7. ASARECA (important for “wider transfer” too)
    8. TSBF/CIAT (Debbie)? ILRI to follow up
    9. Add: Ethiopian NGO; CRSPs (according to direct involvement); MoA
  2. Steering committee meetings (NB as needed may need to synchronise the face to face meeting with overall and rotate around the three project regions)
    1. Meet in person once/year
    2. Meet virtually at least quarterly
  3. Formal agreements
    1. Project agreement (ILRI-USAID). Needs revised CN by March 30.
    2. ILRI ->other partners sub-contracts or LoA depending on “early wins”
  4. Project documents:
    1. M&E plan (Stan Wood) [TBC]
    2. Concept note, work plan (to Sept 2012), budget and logframe (Writing team: ILRI (Iain), CIMMYT (Bruno), ICARDA (Geletu), ICRISAT (Alistair), IWMI (Simon), IFPRI (Stan), ICRAF (Aster), CIP (Steffen), EIAR (Getnet), by March 30
    3. Report Oct. 2011-Dec. 2011 [Jan 31]?
    4. Year 1 Activities
      1. Stakeholder group – annual meeting (ILRI)
      2. Anchor site activity descriptions (including actor/institution mapping)
      3. CGIAR/NARS staff recruitment as needed
      4. Funding of early win activities
  5. Research Design Process (Sept 2012)

Use (this) workshop outputs Design team: EIAR (TBC, Adefris?, Dawit Alemu), Bruno, Geletu, Oxfam (Setegn), An, Alan/Diego, Stan, Katherine) Review: Jerry to organize [July 31]

  1. Site selection process
    1. Site characterization [TBC]
    2. Component inventory (relevant work, technology, practices; Stan asks NARS, CGIAR)
    3. Identification of partners (research and development; Steering Committee)
  2. Implementation
    1. Communication
      1. Jerry and Iain talk (minimum monthly)
      2. Iain works with Peter to communicate via wiki and blog
      3. Ensure electronic communication is working and follow up as appropriate
      4. Identify specific person in ILRI team to lead under Peter’s supervision and connect across three regions (work out modalities with USAID and IITA)

Queries and Comments from group: Include ways to engage with broader donor community, through to farmer groups etc.

  • How can we make use of existing groups? Such as donor advisory group…..RED-FS – this could also be important in relation to engaging with AGP
  • How to ensure committee has broader representation without making committee too big
  • ATA really good for various stakeholder linkages
  • Add appropriate regions once sites are selected