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Africa RISING, NAFAKA and TUBORESHE CHAKULA (TUBOCHA) Scaling Project Annual Review and Planning Meeting July 8 – 10, 2015 White Sands Hotel and Resort, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania ORGANIZERS PAGE


  1. Share updates on project activities implemented and results since inception of the project
  2. Discuss lessons learnt and reflect on these for year 2
  3. Refine project indicators and targets
  4. Training in use of M&E tools for the project
  5. Training in use of communication tools for the project
  6. Share updates on plans for expansion of project activities to Mbeya and Iringa Regions
  7. Develop team work plans (structured log frame?) and budgets for year 2 of the project
  8. Discuss and resolve operational issues affecting project implementation

Expected outputs:

  1. Costed project work plan for 2015-2016
  2. Targets for indicators (FtF and potential custom indicators)


Day 1 (8 July) 8:30 Registration 9:00 Welcome

  • Victor Manyong (Regional Director IITA, Chair Africa RISING Steering Committee ESA)
  • Hoeschle-Zeledon (Coordinator, Africa RISING ESA and WA) Who will be making the welcome remarks? We can already put the names/details down here if you already know Haroon

9:15 Participants’ introduction - 30 participants Haroon, how many people are coming? This will help in determining which format is appropriate

9:30 Overview of year 1 of project activities - Bekunda Mateete/ Haroon Sseguya Will Irmgard/Mateete be making this kind of presentation? 10:00 Group photo and networking break around coffee/tea - Gloriana Ndibalema 10:30 Implementation progress of each of the teams (20 minutes presentation + 20 minutes discussion for each presentation) JONATHAN TO INFORM PRESENTERS PERSONALLY - ASAP

  • Maize - Bright Jumbo
  • Rice - Jonne Rodenburg
  • Vegetables - Andreas Gramzow

Who will be leading the presentation by each team? Are they supposed to be PowerPoint presentations? ….Is there an outline that these presentations should follow?It would be ideal to ensure that the presentations follow a certain prescribed guideline to ensure all partners deliver quality presentations.Has a template been sent out to the presenters in advance?

12:30 Lunch Break 2:00 Can we have a market place here organized around each of the teams because the 10 mins Q&A after each presentation may not be adequate for people to exhaustively understand what each team is doing? (A stop at every booth will be 15 minutes max) 2:00 Implementation progress of each of the teams cont'd

  • Post-harvest - Adebayo Abass

2:40-5:00 Discussion of expansion and operational issues - The format this takes has to be engaging and interactive-

  • Introductory presentation on operational issues - Haroon Sseguya (15 minutes)
  • Introductory presentation on geographical expansion plans - Silvanus Mruma (15 minutes)
  • Introductory presentation on implications of expansion on operations - Haroon Sseguya (15 minutes)
  • Plenary discussion (35 minutes)

4:00 Coffee / tea break

Day 2 (9 July) 8:30 Overview of agenda for the day - Facilitators 8:45 Recap of day 1 - Facilitators 9:00 Introductory presentation on development of next year's work plans - Mateete Bekunda 9:30 Development of team work plans (Participants go into their respective groups to develop work plans for the next year) 10:00 Coffee / tea break 10:30 Development of team work plans cont'd Development of work plan (How will this be done? In groups?....How many people are we likely to have per group? How many participants are we looking at for the event by the way?) 12:30 Lunch 2:00 Presentation of improved work plans (15 minutes presentation for each team) and discussion 3:30 Coffee / tea break 4:00 Development of team work plans cont'd

Day 3 (10 July) 8:30 Overview of agenda for the day 8:45 Recap of day 2 - Facilitators NOTE TO JONATHAN: THE TWO TRAINING SESSIONS BELOW TO BE SWAPPED TO ALLOW HAROON AND MRUMA PARTICIPATE IN THE MANAGEMENT TEAM MEETING FIRST 9:00 Training on M&E (NAFAKA to take lead) // Project Management Team meeting (will be going on concurrently with both M&E and Communications Training until 12:30)

  • Presentation about M&E in the project - Haroon Sseguya
  • Practical session on M&E tools -Silvanus Mruma

10:00 Coffee / tea break 10:30 Training on communication tools (Africa RISING Communication team to take lead)

  • Presentation about communication in the project - Gloriana Ndibalema
  • Practical Session on Wiki - Catherine Njuguna
  • Practical Session on Yammer - Jonathan Odhong'

WiFi should be made available on this day in the training room 12:30 Lunch 2:00 Feedback from Management Team meeting to the whole group - Hoeschle-Zeledon 2:15 FEEDBACK FROM USAID MISSION - BETTY MAEDA 2:30 Closing and way forward - Bekunda Mateete