AR ESA-WA CS TOT crosslearning visit

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Africa RISING ESA & WA Chief Scientists cross-learning visit to Ethiopia for ToT on scaling technologies
19 - 21 April, 2017
Tigray, Ethiopia
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Participants[edit | edit source]

  1. Asamoah Larbi - Chief Scientist Africa RISING West Africa (WA)
  2. Birhanu Zemadim - Africa RISING Mali Project Coordinator
  3. Mateete Bekunda - Chief Scientist Africa RISING East and Southern Africa (ESA)
The Chief Scientists for Africa RISING in ESA and WA, accompanied by the Africa RISING Mali project coordinator took part in a cross-learning tour to Ethiopia. They participated in a Training of Trainers activity organized by the AR Ethiopian highlands Project. The aim of the cross-learning visit was to gain knowledge and experience on how the ESA and WA projects can utilise/adopt a similar/complementary approach to its scaling processes. A meeting of the three projects' Chief Scientists was also held as part of process to harmonise scientific management of the three AR projects.