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Africa RISING Mali Partners meeting
9 - 10 March, 2017
ICRISAT Campus, Samanko - Mali
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Participants (invited)[edit | edit source]

  1. Birhanu Zemadim
  2. Caroline Sobgui
  3. Jean-baptiste Tignegre
  4. Kalifa Traore
  5. Hamidou Nantoumé
  6. DIALLO Fatimata Cisse
  7. Katrien Descheemaeker
  8. Augustine Ayantunde
  9. Bouba Traore
  10. Folorunso Akinseye
  11. Felix Badolo
  12. SAMAKE Oumar
  13. Bougouna Sogoba
  14. Karamoko Traore
  15. Salimoye Coulibaly
  16. Moussa SANKARA
  17. Gumma, Murali krishna
  18. Baloua Nebie
  19. Mathieu Ouedraogo
  20. John Nzungize
  21. Haile Desmae
  22. Jummai Yila
  23. Ramadjita Tabo

Handouts for the meeting


  • 2017/2018 Work Plan preparation

Other Specific issues to be discussed:

Part I: Papers from Phase I Legacy Workshop: 9:00-10:00

  • Revision and submission of papers from the Legacy workshop in December 2017. What is the status?,how is it linked to the current year proposed activity. We should focus on putting effort on publishing past data and reserve any proposed activity for next year. Funds will not be released till the revised papers are submitted.

Part II: Activity Protocols: 10:00-12:00

  • Should be completed by now. The justification (based on literature), objectives, research questions and deliverables must be clearly stated. The deliverables should include journal publication.
  • Are we asking appropriate research questions based on current literature review, and using the appropriate research design - using participatory approaches when need be
  • Integrating activities is required. For example crop-livestock-soil; and to link the nutrition activities to the cereal, legume, vegetable and livestock activities.
  • No activity was proposed for Outcome 3: Look for outside expert?, need to reserve some fund for this, or extra fund will be available from the donor?. etc..
  • The log frame has outputs and activities under each of the four outcomes. As a project we will be evaluated for delivering on outputs under each outcome.
Outcome 3: Farmers and other value chain actors have greater and equitable access to production assets and markets (input and output) through enabling institutions and policies.
Output 1: Improved policies and institutional arrangements to increase participation of farm families, especially women and youth in the output and input markets and decision-making are developed.
Activity 1: Review existing policies and institutional arrangements affecting equitable access to production assets and markets.
Output 2: Options to increase access to production assets and increase participation in decision-making by women, youth and other vulnerable groups.
Activity 1: Identify constraints to, and opportunities for increasing women and youth access to production assets in the target area.
  1. 5. Should you require support from the gender group, kindly contact

Part III: SI Indicator and FtF indicator tables: 12:00-12:30

Most activity protocols are not complete with SI and FtF indicator tables. Need to finalize this on the draft work plan circulated.

  1. A document on SI indicator table is provided in the wiki and will be shared during the meeting. Moussa Sankara will give a 10 minute guidance on how to fill the FtF indicator table.
  2. Finalizing the number of beneficiaries to reach, both in research (2,011) and scaling (9401), what are the numbers proposed so far?, and what would be the contribution from scaling project partners? Sorghum & Millet scaling project, Groundnut scaling project, and Livestock scaling project

Part IV: Chief Scientist message: 12:00-13:00

  • AMEDD should be given some funds to organize a meeting of partners from the public and private sectors to identify scalable technologies, and lead the preparation of a proposal for scaling and delivery. In order to reach the target of 30,000 households or more, I suggest that some funds/seed money (US$ 30,000-40,000) should be allocated to AMEDD and the other development partners to start the scaling and delivery process whilst they source for additional funds.
  • Funding is limited, however many activities have been proposed, integrating activities, reducing cost and justifying the value for money is very important.
  • Phase II will have to be implemented with higher scientific rigor than phase I. Hence, I will not approve any activity protocol found wanting.

Part V: Group work: 14:00-16:00

Based on Theme revise activity protocols, justify integration of activities and fulfil the requirements in the activity protocol: Theme leaders and Deputy Theme leaders to lead the group work:

Kindly refer to the draft work plan prepared. Do not change the format. Insert your contributions inside, and comments if available

  • Bouba Traore and Jean-Baptiste Tignegre
  • Augustine Ayantunde and Hamidou Nantume
  • Birhanu Zemadim and Kalifa Traore
  • Caroline Sobgui and Augustine Ayantunde
  • Diallo Fatimata and Oumar Samake
  • Oumar Samake and Baloua Neibe
  • Birhanu Zemadim, and Felix Badolo/Moussa Sankara

March 10 2017

  • Presentation by theme leaders/deputy theme leaders 9:00-11:00
  • Re-writing the activity protocol based on the comments received 11:00-15:00
  • Submission of the final work plan the chief scientist 16:00

End of the meeting 16:00

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