AR WA-ESA Learning Trip to Ethiopia

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Africa RISING West Africa and East/Southern Africa project scientists learning visit to Africa RISING Ethiopia[edit | edit source]

19-25 April 2015[edit | edit source]

Objective: Project scientists from Africa RISING West Africa and East and Southern Africa to learn from Ethiopian colleagues the implementation of work on land management in Ethiopia

Cross Learning Visit Report

Participants Biodata


Participants Biodata
Date Time Program Responsible Person
19 April 2015 Arrival in Addis Ababa
20 April 2015 09:00 Introduction of participants Simret Yesabu/ Aberra Adie, ILRI
09:10 [RISING project of the Ethiopian highlands R4D highlights] Kindu Mekonnen, ILRI
10:30 [management initiative in Ethiopia] Zenebe Adimassu (IWMI) and Tesfaye Tesfamichael (CIAT)
11:00 Coffee Break Simet Yemane, ILRI
12:00 [harvesting and climate adaptation experience in Tigray Northern Ethiopia] Kifle Woldearegay (Mekele University)
12:30 Discussion Simret Yesabu/ Aberra Adie, ILRI
14:00 Lunch break
15:00 [of managing collaborative model watersheds in Africa RISING sites] Lulseged Tamene (CIAT) and Kindu Mekonnen (ILRI)
15:30 [RISING projects of west Africa and south and east Africa R4D highlights and watershed management research experiences] Group representative/s from the two IITA led projects
16:00 Cofee Break Simret Yemane
16:45 General Discussion Simret Yesabu/ Aberra Adie, ILRI
18:00 Reception at ILRI Campus Simret Yemane, ILRI
21 April 2015 07:00 Depart to Debre Birhan
09:00 Arrival in Debre Birhan
09:45 Coffee Break Temesgen and Shimeles (ILRI)
10:00 Travel to Gudo Beret (Gina Beret)
10:10 Meet local partners and Introduction of visitors Temesgen and Shimeles (ILRI)
14:00 Visit model watersheds and discussion Temesgen, Shimeles and Aberra Adie (ILRI)
14:30 Travel back to Debre Birhan
15:00 Lunch Break
15:30 Travel back to Addis Ababa
17:30 Arrival in Addis Ababa
22 April 2015 07:00 Depart for Hossana
12:00 Arrive in Hossana
13:30 Lunch break
14:00 Travel to Upper Gana Africa RISING research kebele Workneh and Fikadu (ILRI)
16:30 Visit some of AR research activities and discussion with AR farmers
17:00 Travel back to Hossana
23 April 2015 08:00 Travel to Jawe AR kebele
08:10 Introduction of the visitors to the local partners Workneh and Fikadu (ILRI)
12:00 Visit the collaborative model watershed site Workneh and Fikadu (ILRI)
12:30 Back to Hossana Workneh and Fikadu (ILRI)
13:30 Lunch Break
17:00 Visit watershed sites managed by SOS Sahel Workneh and Fikadu (ILRI)
17:30 Back to hossana
18:30 Reception in Hossana Lema International Hotel
24 April 2015 07:30 Depart to Addis Ababa
13:00 Arrival in Addis Ababa
18:00 Free time for interaction with CG centers and shopping
17:00 Visit watershed sites managed by SOS Sahel
25 April 2015 Departure of visitors