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Africa RISING Value Chain Write shop[edit | edit source]

23-25th April 2014

ILRI Campus,__ __Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Workshop Objective

1) Sharing market value chain results

2) Writing up the value chain report for the Africa RISING project

3) Discussion and documentation of the best bet interventions for the project

4) Developing protocols for the value chains and market work for the project

Day 1 Activity Facilitator
8.30 am Registration of participants
9.00-9.10 Am Introductions and opening remarks and overview and updates of AR project Kindu
9.10-9.20 am Value chain work within the framework of Africa RISING Ethiopia project Eliud
9.20-9.30am Introducing the Write shop objectives and plan for the week Dirk
9.30- 9.50am Methodological issues Annah
9.50- 10.15am Experiences from the field- Implementing coordinators/ researchers
10.15-10.45 am Coffee/ Tea Break
10.45-11.00 am Writing guidelines Dirk
11.00-11.10 am Constituting the writing groups Eliud
11.10-12.30 pm Writing groups Team
1.45 – 3.45pm Writing group
3.45-4.10 pm Coffee break
4.10- 5.10pm Writing group
5.10- 5.20pm Planning for the next day Wellington
Day 2 Activity Facilitator
8.30- 9.30am Recap and presentation of the day 1 writing outputs Annah
9.30-10.30 am Writing group
10.30-11.00 am Tea/ coffee break
11.00- 12.30 pm Writing groups
12.30- 1.45 Pm Lunch
1.45- 3.45 Pm Writing groups
3.45- 4.10 pm Coffee break
4.10-5.10 pm Share the days output Wellington
Day 3 Activity Facilitator
8.00 - 9.30am Review the writing progress Wellington
9.30-10.15am Discussion of the results and implication on the project: Best bet interventions; crops Eliud
10.15-10.45 am Tea/ coffee break
10.45- 11.30 pm Discussion of the resource and implication on the project: Best bet interventions; Livestock Dirk
11.30- 12.30 Pm Developing and presenting the Protocols for value chains and markets Dirk and Eliud
12.30- 1.00Pm Discussion and way forward for market work in AR project Kindu
1.00-1.15 pm Closure Peter/ Kindu
1.15- 2.15 pm Lunch break

Outputs from the workshop