Babati-JUMBA stakeholders meeting-Nov2016

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JUMBA annual stakeholders meeting
17 November, 2016
Venue: White Rose Hall –Babati District
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The Babati District Research-for-Development Platform (JUMBA) was initiated by the Africa RISING program and inaugurated by the Manyara Regional Commissioner in April 2014. Africa RISING is a research program on sustainable agricultural intensification for increased productivity, income generation, nutrition and enhanced natural resource management for the next generation.

To enhance sustainable agricultural productivity, food security and income for improved livelihoods in Babati District, while contributing to the national income and to environmental conservation.

To link active agricultural players in Babati District, to initiate and coordinate promotion of improved integrated crops-livestock and environmentally healthy interventions in response to needs of the farming community.

Objectives of the meeting

  1. Foster experience sharing among stakeholders operating in Babati District; with bias to those engaged in crops, livestock, environment, policy and financial sectors
  2. Share with key stakeholders, the contribution of Africa RISING generated technologies to Babati District socio-economic development
  3. Sensitize active development partners in Babati District to collaborate in scaling out integrated packages to the wider farming community in the district
  4. Share Africa RISING project and JUMBA work plans for 2016/17

Expected meeting outputs

  1. Enhanced appreciation for multi-stakeholder platforms amongst active players in Babati District, as an effective and efficient tool for responding to farmers needs.
  2. Elevated team spirit amongst different stakeholder categories in addressing challenges faced by small scale resource poor farmers.
  3. Harmonized 2016/17 JUMBA and Africa RISING work plans.

Participants Participants are drawn from different stakeholder categories as stipulated in Babati district Multi-stakeholder Platform (JUMBA) Constitution. The composition includes farmers (12), policy makers at ward level (6), policy makers and technical staff at district level (10), extension agents at ward and village level (15), NGOs and private companies active in the district (14) and Africa RISING scientists (10). Invited farmers come from the six Africa RISING action villages and they represent active male and female farmers engaged in Africa RISING research themes.

08:00 Participants arrival and registration - JUMBA Secretary
08:30 Self introduction, introductory remarks on JUMBA and meeting objectives - JUMBA Chairman
08:50 Officiating the meeting - Chairman/ District commissioner
09:10 Previous meeting minutes and matters arising including ratification of constitution - JUMBA Secretary
10:00 Tea break - All
10.20 Election of new members to fill in vacant JUMBA management committee positions - JUMBA Chairman
10.40 Presentation of key research findings and 2016/17 work plan by all A-R scientists - A-R Research Team
11.40 Discussions on research findings focused on scaling out in collaboration with active stakeholders in Babati - JUMBA chairman
13.00 Lunch break - All
13.40 JUMBA work plan 2016/17 (Stakeholder meetings, Establishing platforms at ward level, Capacity building) - JUMBA Chairman/Ngulu
14.55 Closing remarks - JUMBA chairman

Anticipated NGOs, private companies and projects expected to take part at the meeting

  • Muungano wa Vikundi vya Wakulima Tanzania (MVIWATA) - Nation-wide NGO specialized in farmer-groups mobilization, capacity building in entrepreneurship (VICOBA, SACCOS) and advocacy. Within Babati district, it is currently operating in Gallapo, Ayasanda and Mamire under TRIAS sponsorship.
  • Farm Africa - Involved in landscape conservation, land conflict-management, and mushroom farming. It operates in Dareda
  • Women in Action (WIA) - The NGO is involved in advocacy for women welfare, HIV and poverty alleviation. Deals with 41 groups with 930 members. It has experience in capacity building on entrepreneurship, and farmer mobilization (VICOBA). Currently operating in Gallapo, Mamire, Endakiso and Magugu wards WIA is sponsored by NCA
  • Small industries development organization (SIDO) - Nation-wide Parastatal organization involved in promoting small scale industries, capacity building in entrepreneurship, marketing. Also provide short term loans
  • COSITA - Provides extension services to farmers, livestock keepers and environment conservation. Also involved in seed production and organizing demonstrations
  • Friends in Development (FIDE) - Engaged in Environment conservation, Agriculture, Livestock, Nutrition and Health. Operates across the district
  • TRIAS - Works with youth entrepreneurs and disadvantaged women. Has expertise on marketing, lobbying and advocacy. Works in collaboration with MVIWATA, TCCIA and Traders
  • Financial Institutions that provide financial support (soft loans) to farmer groups - CRDB bank; NBC bank;NMB bank; Exim bank; BoA bank
  • NAFAKA - Africa RISING - Scaling project in Babati District
  • MEDA - An NGO operating in 3 districts including Babati in Manyara region. It is enganged in fortification of sunflower oil with Vit A
  • Minjingu Fertilizer Company - Local private company producing and selling different brands of Minjingu rock phosphate fertilizer
  • Agro dealer Association
  • Major seed companies: PANNAR & SEEDCO