Babati JUMBA Retreat2015

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Babati R4D Platform (JUMBA) Retreat
27 - 28 January, 2015
Selian Agriculture Research Institute (SARI) , Arusha, Tanzania
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Meeting Objectives


08:30 Arrival and registration of Participants All
09:00 Introduction of participants All
09:05 Official Opening Chairperson
09:15 Introduction, Brief overview and experience from other platforms Per Hillbur
10:30 Break All members
11:00 Discussion (Question and Answers ) All members
12:30 Health break All members
02:00 Brainstorming of Platform responsibilities All members
03:30 Discussion and Prioritization of Activities All members
04:30 Guidelines on Proposal writing IITA/Festo
05:30 pm Evening Tea and adjourn of day one activities All
12:30 Proposal writing and Budgeting All members
10:30 Break All members
11:00 Proposal writing and Budgeting All members
01:30 Health break All members
02:30 Presentation of Final Proposal Member/Secretary
03:30 Discussion All members
04:30 Way forward All
05:00 pm Evening Tea and close of meeting Chairperson


Full Name of Participant Position/Title Organization
Dr. Mary Mashingo Member TALIRI Director
Dr. Hurbert Lyimo Member Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries
Mr. Kheri Kitenge Member SARI -ARUSHA
Mr. Hassan Lugendo Chairperson Babati District Council
Mr. Malkiadi Wema Secretary MVIWATA Manyara
Anna Roman Member Babati Crop Extension Officer
Bernard Sambali Member Babati Livestock Extension Officer
Andrea Mayi Member Seloto Village Crop /Livestock Farmer rep
Per Hillbur Facilitator IITA/Africa RISING
Festo Ngulu Facilitator IITA/Africa RISING