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Africa RISING Information sharing and communication resources and tools

Read more about Africa RISING's communication work at program level:

Resources[edit | edit source]

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Key (promotional) documents about Africa RISING[edit | edit source]

  • Program brochure - [| english] / [| french]
  • West Africa brochure
  • East and Southern Africa Brochure
  • Program poster - english / french
  • Program introduction powerpoint
  • [| Ethiopia poster] / [| Ethiopia brochure]

How to use

=Standard short text introducing the Program=

The Africa Research in Sustainable Intensification for the Next Generation (Africa RISING) program comprises three research for development projects supported by the United States Agency for International Development as part of the U.S. government's Feed the Future initiative.

Through action research and development partnerships, Africa RISING will create opportunities for smallholder farm households to move out of hunger and poverty through sustainably intensified farming systems that improve food, nutrition, and income security, particularly for women and children, and conserve or enhance the natural resource base.

The three regional projects are led by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (in West Africa and East and Southern Africa) and the International Livestock Research Institute (in the Ethiopian Highlands). The International Food Policy Research Institute leads the program’s monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment.

En français Le programme de recherche Africa RISING, qui comprend trois projets de recherche pour le développement, est appuyé par l’Agence Américaine pour le Développement International (USAID) en relation avec l’initiative ‘Feed the Future’ du gouvernement américain.

Au travers de partenariats de recherche et développement, Africa RISING va créer des opportunités pour permettre aux petits exploitants agricoles de se défaire de la faim et de la pauvreté grâce aux systèmes d’intensification durable pour améliorer l’alimentation, la nutrition et la sécurité de revenus, en particulier pour les femmes et les enfants, tout en conservant ou améliorant les ressources naturelles.

Les trois projets de recherche sont dirigés par l’Institut International d’Agriculture Tropicale (IITA) en Afrique de l’ouest ainsi qu’en Afrique de l’est et australe et par l’Institut International de Recherche sur l’Elevage (ILRI) dans les hauts plateaux éthiopiens. L’Institut International de Recherche sur les Politiques Alimentaires (IFPRI) coordonne le suivi, évaluation et analyse des impacts pour le programme. [[1]]

Standard tagline 'Transforming African agriculture through sustainable intensification'

En français 'Transformer l’agriculture africaine par l’intensification durable'

Tools[edit | edit source]

Web Statistics[edit | edit source]

PDF version of these tools: File:africa-rising_comms tools_oct2012.pdf

Africa RISING communication and knowledge sharing activities and tools help us to:

- inform, engage with and influence wide audiences

- translate outputs into outcomes, getting knowledge into use

- improve our effectiveness by enriching learning, interaction and exchange

- capture, publish and disseminate our products and outputs

- improve internal communication, by linking and connecting teams

Each project has its own capacities and support for these activities; a team at the program level provides cross-project support and resource, including event and process design and facilitation. Below is a list of the main tools we are using.

Tool   Description   Who contributes   Who can see


"font-size: 120%;">Wiki:

  Collaboration space to support planning, sharing early documents, reporting and organizing events.   "color: #29303b;">Edit access for project staff and partners.   Public
"color: #29303b; font-size: 120%;">Calendar:


"color: #29303b; font-size: 16px;">and

"font-size: 13.33px;">

  "color: #29303b;">Where you can see the list of major upcoming events.

"color: #29303b;">The full list of events is available here.

  "color: #29303b;">Comms focal people add and edit events; Project staff send information in advance.   Public
"color: #29303b; font-size: 16px;">CGSpace:

"font-size: 13.33px;">[[4]]

  "color: #29303b;">Repository of documents and other final products.   "color: #29303b;">Comms focal points add and publish. Project coordinators ensure products sent to comms focal people.   Public
"color: #29303b; font-size: 16px;">Web site:

"font-size: 13.33px;">[[5]]

  "color: #29303b;">Where to share news, updates and announcements.   "color: #29303b;">Comms focal points publish. Project coordinators ensure updates are sent to comms focal people.   Public
"color: #29303b; font-size: 16px;">Slideshare:

"font-size: 13.33px;">[[6]]

  Where to share presentations and posters.   Comms focal points add and publish. Project coordinators ensure products sent to comms focal people.   Public
"color: #29303b; font-size: 120%;">YouTube:


  Where to share video interviews and success stories.   Comms focal people   Public
"color: #29303b; font-size: 120%;">Flickr:

"font-size: 13.33px;">[[7]]

  Where to share – and find – photos and images.   Comms focal points add and publish. Project coordinators ensure products sent to comms focal people.   Public
"color: #29303b; font-size: 120%;">Email alerts

Sign up for news alerts by email

africarisingoutputs| Sign up for publications alerts by email

  Subscribe to email alerts when updates and reports are published.   "color: #29303b;">All project staff and partners are strongly encouraged to subscribe.   Public
"color: #29303b; font-size: 120%;">Yammer:


  Private web and email communication and exchange space for participants to share updates and plans.   "color: #29303b;">All project staff and partners.   Restricted

Who to contact for tools and communication activities?[edit | edit source]

The following focal persons are in charge of communication:

  • Overall program: Peter Ballantyne, Ewen Le Borgne and Simret Yasabu (ILRI)
  • East & Southern Africa – Jonathan Odhong' (IITA) -
  • Ethiopia: Simret Yasabu (ILRI)
  • West Africa – Jonathan Odhong' (IITA)

Find their contact details on the key contacts page.