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==Africa RISING Ethiopian Highlands Project Closeout Event & Mixed Farming Systems Initiative Meeting for Ethiopia Stakeholders 24 - 25 January, 2023 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia== Objectives

  1. Share the Africa RISING achievements in Ethiopian highlands.
  2. Present and critically assess the project major research and development results.
  3. Introduce the new SI-MFS initiative to local stakeholders and discuss planned activities.

DAY ONE, 24 January

  • 08:30 Registration - Rahel Abiye (ILRI)/ Sandros Bekele(ILRI)
  • 09:00 Welcome Remarks - Namukolo Covic (ILRI), Director General's Representative in Ethiopia
  • 09:05 Participants Introduction - Tsehay Gashaw (ILRI)
  • 09:20 Africa RISING project implementation and contributions in Ethiopia: An overview - Kindu Mekonnen (ILRI) and Peter Thorne (ILRI)
  • 09:40 Reflecting on Africa RISING project (partnership, engagement, and scaling) - Beyene Bitew (ARARI), Ahmed Aliye (MWU), Seid Ahmed Kemal (ICARDA), Aberra Adie (ILRI) and Tilahun Amede (AGRA)
  • 10:00 Coffee break with Group Photo
  • 10:30 Sharing evidence on adoption, scaling, gender and nutrition aspect of Africa RISING SI innovations – poster session [Jim Hammond (ILRI), Renee Bullock (ILRI), Mestawet Gebru (ABC- Bioversity), Hailemariam Mesfin (Effective Media) and Million Gebreyes (ILRI)]
  • 12: 10 Reporting on poster session - Mateete Bekunda (IITA), Likawent Yeheyis (ARARI) and Tesfaye Amene (MWU)
  • 12:30 Lunch break
  • 01:30 Poster session continues - [Million Gebreyes (ILRI), Aberra Adie (ILRI), Habtemariam Assefa (ARARI), Mestawet Gebru (ABC- Bioversity) and Endalkachew Woldemeskel (ICRAF)]
  • 02:40 Reporting back from poster session - Bement Abegaz (DBU), Getnet Assefa (Land O'Lakes) and Tsedeke Lambore (WU)
  • 03:00 Coffee break
  • 03:30 Consultation to refine Africa RISING extension learning module (Group discussion) - Melkamu Derseh (ILRI), Getachew Agegnehu (ICRISAT), Seid Kemal (ICARDA)
  • 04:50 Reporting back - Discussions facilitators
  • 05:00 Wrap up and close - Tsehay Gashaw

DAY TWO, 25 January

  • 08:45 Day 1 Recap - Jonathan Odhong (IITA) and Simret Yasabu (Mastercard Foundation)
  • 09:00 Consultation to refine Africa RISING extension learning module (Group discussion) - Degefie Tibebe (ABC-CIAT), Rabe Yahaya (CIMMYT),Bogale Nigir (ABC-Bioversity)
  • 10:10 Reporting back from groups - Discussions facilitators and Elias Zerfu (Consultant)
  • 10:40 Coffee break
  • 11:00 Fishbowl discussion on some of the lessons and good practices of Africa RISING project - Workneh Dubale (ILRI), Rabe Yahaya (CIMMYT), Melkamu Bezabih (ILRI) and Getamesay Demeke (Inter Aide)
  • 12:00 Closing remarks - Anthony Whitbread (ILRI)
  • 01:00 Lunch break

Sustainable Intensification of Mixed Farming Systems Initiative Ethiopia Stakeholders’ Meeting

  • 02:00 Overview of SI-MFS initiative - Anthony Whitbread and Kindu Mekonnen (ILRI)
  • 02:20 Overview presentation from each center - Seid Kemal (ICARDA), Samuel Gemeda (CIMMYT), Wuletaw Abera (ABC-CIAT), Dejene Mengistu (ABC-Bioversity) and Million Gebreyes (ILRI)
  • 03:30 Coffee break
  • 04:00 Discuss and get feedback on the planned activities from each center (group discussion) - All
  • 04:40 Reporting back from groups - Group leaders
  • 05:00 Wrap up and close - Barbara Rischkowsky (ICARDA)