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Project External Evaluation[edit | edit source]

SUNDAY 22nd March - THURSDAY 2nd April , 2015[edit | edit source]

Report of the internally-commissioned external review of the Africa RISING project in the Ethiopian Highlands

TOR for the evaluators[edit | edit source]

Feedback from the reviewers [edit | edit source]

Draft Itinerary[edit | edit source]

Photos from the reviewers team [edit | edit source]

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Link to the Project webpage[edit | edit source]

Links to relevant documents[edit | edit source]

  • Africa Research in Sustainable Intensification for the Next Generation (Africa RISING) program framework 2012 – 2016 : [[2]]
  • Africa RISING research protocols for the Ethiopian Highlands project: [[3]]
  • Guidelines on establishing innovation platforms for Africa RISING partners in Ethiopia:[[4]]
  • Africa RISING Ethiopia Project Profile:[[5]]
  • Africa RISING in the Ethiopian Highlands: Scaling plan:[| ]
  • Capacity building strategies and approaches for Africa RISING in the Ethiopian Highlands:[|]
  • Africa RISING Ethiopia: 2014 work plan:[[6]]
  • PCA report : [[7]]

Links to Technical report[edit | edit source]

  • Technical report, 1 October 2014–31 March 2015:[[8]]
  • Technical report, 1 April 2014–30 September 2014: [[9]]
  • Technical report, 1 October 2013–31 March 2014:[[10]]
  • Technical report, 1 April 2013 – 30 September 2013:[[11]]

Links to Early win projects in 2012[edit | edit source]

Links to relevant Presentations[edit | edit source]

  • [[12]]
  • Introducing Africa RISING in Ethiopia:[|]

Links to selected Pictures of the Africa RISING project in Ethiopia[edit | edit source]

Africa RISING project partners contact details -2015[edit | edit source]

video[edit | edit source]

Supporting community based seed potato multiplication in Ethiopia A Tale of Two Villages Africa-RISING--testing participatory assessment tools for crop-livestock production in Ethiopia Africa-RISING early win project - integrating tree, crops and livestock in Ethiopian landscapes Africa-RISING early win project -- Pulse crops as a pathway to increase crop-livestock productivity

pictures[edit | edit source]