Farmers extension training on agribusiness Babati March2017

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Training farmers and extensionists in marketing ,agri business skills, and the use of e-soko access market information
24 March, 2017
Babati, Tanzania
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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The market, agri-business and e-soko market information access training of farmers and extensionists was held on 24 March 2017 at AMREF Dareda in Babati district aimed to empower these stakeholders with the goal to prosper and sustain their businesses. The training was attended by 59 participants (14 women and 45 men) from 4 villages of Seloto, Sabilo, Long and Bermi.

Marketing is a social function or process in which human needs are met through exchange of value. Marketing produce involves everything from planning exactly what to grow, harvesting at the right time for high quality, proper maturity and food safety, packing and cooling to protect produce quality, storage under proper conditions while prices are higher, and transport to a variety of market outlets, to direct sales to customers. Marketing requires being knowledgeable about the produce (its characteristics, nutritional value, uses in cooking. etc), packaging (providing protection, information and visual appeal), pricing strategies (offering bulk produce, specialties, value-added products) and promotion (displays, advertising and sales)

Marketing activities are those measures taken by entrepreneurs so as to know their clients, their demand and how to satisfy the demand at a profit.

Marketing information’s can be accessed through the use electronic (e.g., e- soko) program such as use of cell phones.

The importance of markets include that they:

  • enable entrepreneurs to provide/supply goods which meet market demand.
  • enable entrepreneurs to supply goods at prices consumers can afford
  • enable entrepreneurs to inform customers what they have on offer and to attract them to buy the products.
  • provide feedback to entrepreneurs such that they make continual product improvements.
Marketing is quite different than selling, in that you first try to find out what potential buyer want then supply the produce to people you would first like to buy, at prices they will willingly pay, when they want it and at places where they want to shop.