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Questions /suggestions • In some areas there are similarities and might not stratified? What will be done when this happens? • What shall we do not to raise expectations • It might be difficult for farmers to rank when there are lots of indicators. How can we proceed when we have such issues? • How can we make sure there are representative farmers in the sampling • Soring might be subjective in relation to the interview who will be doing it Responses • If there is a homogenous community we can only take on strata • As much as we can we try to be neutral and not raise expectation in carrying out the work • We need to try to make things as clear as possible for farmer to think which indicator they give high value that the others • It is always good to introduce more farmers to make it as representative as possible but we cannot be 100% sure. The more diversified the more we are getting closer to the ground \subjectivity is expected in the scoring. however we need to be very careful to decrease the subjectivity level while scoring