Formative design meeting ICT to support scaling in Mali

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Formative design meeting- use of interactive radio to support scaling of Africa RISING technologies
23 August 2017
ICRISAT Offices, Samanke – Mali
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  1. Tabo Ramadjita, ICRISAT
  2. Birhanu Zemadim, ICRISAT
  3. Mamadou Bangaly, FRI
  4. Jonathan Odhong’, IITA
  5. John Nzungize, ICRISAT
  6. Baloua Nebie, ICRISAT
  7. Agathe Diama, ICRISAT
  8. Badolo Felix, ICRISAT
  9. Salmoye Coulibaly, ICRISAT
  10. Mahamadou Dicko, ICRISAT
  11. Moussa Sankara, ICRISAT
  12. Karamoko Traore, ICRISAT
  13. Oumar Samake, AMEDD
  14. Toumaini Sidibe, FENABE


  • Discuss the design of activity and make relevant adjustments
  • Learn from ARDT_SMS project experiences and establish synergy between the activity and ARDT_SMS


  • Welcome/opening – R. Tabo
  • Setting scene for the meeting – J. Odhong’
  • Overview of AR plans for scaling in Mali – Z. Birhanu: PPT presentation, followed by Q&A
  • Overview of ARDT_SMS project sorghum promotion/scaling strategy – J. Nzungize: PPT presentation, followed by Q&A
  • Scaling strategies of Africa RISING technologies – O. Samake: PPT presentation, followed by Q&A
  • Zooming into implementation of use of radio to support scaling activity & identifying areas of synergy with ARDT_SMS

PPT presentation - overview of use of radio to support scaling activity/ implementation plan –M.Bangaly/ J.Odhong’ Guided discussion

  • Closing & way forward