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Exchange visit event for the Africa RISING project and related activities
21-25 October, 2013
Bougouni (Flola), Koutiala (Sirakele, Zansoni, Nampossela
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Invitees:[edit | edit source]

  1. Research institute partners IITA, ICRISAT, AVRDC, ICRAF, ILRI, Wageningen University and Ghanean scientists (Would it be allowed to invite scientists from the Malian NARS?)
  2. NGO’s and farmer organization partners (AMASSA, AMEDD, UPTCK, Cooperatives)
  3. Other potentially interested stakeholders such as CMDT (cotton company), DanayaNono (milk cooperative), others


  1. Visit on-going activities and trials in the field and exchange with participating farmers and partner organizations
  2. Take stock of the experiences of different stakeholders and evaluate successes and challenges for the project in West Africa
  3. Start planning for evaluations, analyses and reporting of 2013
  4. Exchange on potential synergy between projects (USAID funded and others) and plan for activities in 2014

Tentative program:

Sunday, 20 October, Arrival of participants in Bamako

Airport transfers to Massaley hotel (or any other good hotel in ACI-2000) Evening, cocktail at Da Guido Italian restaurant

Monday, 21 October, Bamako-Bougouni
Short briefing of the program at the hotel, departure at 8h

Visit trials and activities in Flola (mainly field crop and vegetable crop trials) and meet women from Yorobougoula, who participate in the innovation platform and discuss results of sheep fattening trials with participating women).

Lunch in Bougouni (location?)

Afternoon, Bougouni-Koutiala
Stay night in Koutiala

Tuesday, 22 October, Koutiala
Morning: Visit trials and activities in Sirakele (moringa and baobab food banks fruit tree trials, nutrition field schools, groundnut and cowpea trials). Visit field trials on mechanized microdosing in Sorghum in Zansoni. Visit to the magic stone of Zansoni

Lunch in the field in Zansoni.

Afternoon, visit USAID funded activities of AVRDC in Molobala (liase with Albert Rouamba from AVRDC).

Wednesday, 23 October, Koutiala
Morning, Visit trials in Nampossela (fodder production trials) and surroundings (trials established in fields with and without contour ridges)

Lunch in Koutiala
Afternoon, presentation of activities in Koutiala and Bougouni per output target (Nutrition, NRM and fodder, field and farm productivity) Discussion on the theme “synergies between sustainable intensification initiatives in WCA”

Thursday, 24 October, Koutiala-Bamako
Morning, short presentations of early results from Dryland Systems and McKnight project (WUR-ICRISAT) Presentation of Africa RISING activities in Ghana (IITA-SARI?)

Discussion and suggestions on writing the new workplan for 2014 for West Africa.

Afternoon, travel Koutiala-Bamako
Evening, dinner with visitors and Mali team in restaurant Santoro, Bamako?

25 October, Bamako

Morning, Meet with mission and discuss alignment with USAID dryland seed wrap up meeting with coordination at Samanko.