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Africa RISING Malawi Project
Farmer's Field Day
Linthipe EPA, Dedza District
13 April 2018
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Africa RISING in collaboration with Dedza District Agriculture Office (DAO) and Linthipe EPA staff organised a field day on 13 April 2018 in Linthipe Africa RISING sites. The total attendance for the field day was 634 (241 males and 393 females) which included USAID representatives, Chief Scientist for Africa RISING from Arusha, Malawi Africa RISING staff and partners (CIAT, LUANAR), LUANAR MSc students who are funded by AR, Dedza District Commissioner and District Executive Committee members, Dedza District Agriculture Development Officer and other District staff members, host farmers from Linthipe EPA, visiting farmers from Golomoti EPA, traditional leaders and extension workers from the host EPA.

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