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Africa RISING program coordination team meeting
5 June 2015 09:00 - 13:00
IFPRI, Washington DC
[edit | edit source]

PCT page

Participants[edit | edit source]

Jerry Glover
Irmgard Hoeschle-Zeledon
Peter Thorne
Carlo Azzarri
Bernard Vanlauwe
Siboniso Moyo
Peter Ballantyne


Notes from the meeting[edit | edit source]


Logistics[edit | edit source]

Immediately following the program retreat

Agenda[edit | edit source]

  • Overall action points
  • USAID Update
  • Africa RISING Project updates
  • Eastern and southern Africa and West Africa
  • Research update
  • Staff update
  • Work plans and priorities
  • The Ethiopian highlands
  • Research update
  • Staff update
  • Work plans and priorities
  • M & E updates
  • Communication updates
  • SAG: new chair, conflicts of interest?, remuneration
  • Next PCT meeting - first thursday of every month. gotomeeting. 9 am washington DC.
  • AOB:

Overall action points[edit | edit source]

ESA review and planning (Jul)
External Review
PMMT trainings - feedback sessions with farmers - Carlo to co-plan with country scientists
Overall action points
Action Status Notes and Actions update
Theory of change and impact pathways Adopt a program level ToC - Clean and finalise this - expose to teams and scientists, getting feedback. Irmgard, PeterT, chief scientists. By end July.

Elaborate ToC for 'project' activities/protocols in regions. Start in Ethiopia with project ToC - groundtruth. PeterT. Feedback/learning by end August.
Early Sept - organize a cross-region discussion - Bernard to lead
For current phase use any existing planning tools/instruments
Review approach and plans in the symposium.
Find the wider FtF/USAID 'zone of influence' numbers and include as targets (from scaling and partners not from direct research). Add thru the IPs. Carlo/IFPRI with heavy inputs from country teams. Ready in time for the external review - mid Oct latest

action/discussion points
'Systems' research futures These issues and concerns need to be addressed in the phase 2 proposal

Develop and document a strong evidence based storyline; breadth, focus .. unique selling point.
Ready in time for the external review - mid Oct latest
Included into work stream of the program workshop Proposal to be submitted - April/May 2016 estimate
Develop and document a strong evidence base for the scaling approach; partnerships; numbers; impact pathways
Have something around the 5+2 SI indicators ready
Perhaps need to have 3 projects - linked - to avoid usaid financial ceilings

action/discussion points
Phase 2 proposal Constitute small design group - petert, irmgard, chief scientists, carlo, bernard

impact pathways piece
systems piece
numbers piece
[dates: 1-4 september in Wagenngen)
Consider ways other initiatives can co-support AR; or we co-support them (eg BMGF-ICRISAT sep 2015 drylands WA convening)
Need to consider 2 other issues in the phase 2 proposal: partnerships; climate-smart ag
Any CRP association? Or not?
What focus and how to get there?

this whole thing to be discussed in the pct design retreat
Program Agenda/Calendar
action/discussion points
Engaging farmers into program activitiesMalawi (Dedza, Ntcheu)
we have engagement guidelines / circulate and perhaps revise/ common principles needed

take stock how this happens in different countries - chief scientists
Included into work stream of the program workshop
? Third meeting with current membership later in June: dates, location. PT to contact chair.

action/discussion points
[Advisory Group] SAG membership - need replacements for Maggie Gill (livestock) as chair and Dave Harris (farming systems) or economist. PT to lead.

Convene special PCT virtual session on SAG members by mid July; nominate new names by end June.
We are using these in the new program framework

3rd meeting virtual in June

4th meeting in Ethiopia in Nov
Invited to the Oct symposium

SI framework and indicators 2 postdocs getting involved - thru MSU and Columbia U; first results in July 2016. partners meetings, validation, visits all planned, also with AR sites. July 2015 start. Vara to send concept notes to Jerry to circulate.

Post-San Jose steering committee led by SI lab (Vara) the main vehicle to take this agenda forward.
Also need more comms around the agenda and all the various activities to wider groups (eg the san jose group). Evolving into a SI CoP.

action/discussion points

Carlo, IHZ and PT to continue active involvement in the steering committee.

Internal-commissioned Project and program reviews and issues arising Included into work stream of the program workshop Projects to act on the recommendations, as appropriate
[commissioned external evaluation] Suggest projects provide responses/commentaries on the review reports. Useful for the USAID reviewers. PT/IHZ

Starts September 2015; Ethiopia, Ghana, program workshop, then Mali
ESA in March 2016
Final report April 2016
Interim report Nov 2015
Make clear it is 3+1 projects

[typologies work] Report needs to say that AR learned, has a new framework has more focus, etc.

CA - wants to hold a meeting to take this forward (in europe) with WUR. Carlo to lead the typologies followup. Need to link with HT discussions, embed into experimentation, engaging with farmers.

action/discussion points

Work on Farm typologies - Carlo to lead follow up

Africa RISING program strategy workshop Included into work stream of the program workshop

Agreed that the symposium needs to be more of a strategic workshop.
To be held 6-8 October in Mali
co-locate with learning/M&E events

action/discussion point
Data management and sharing We decided to use the ILRI CKAN platform.

Data sharing policy was approved during the Arusha meeting (lNovember 2014).
Policy is already binding for researchers on the ground; also for partners.
Partners are mandated to share
Need to solve the problem of efficient workflow IFPRI-ILRI-outside world through the access and sharing permissions.
Action: review final policy? It is accessible on the wiki: http://africarising.wikispaces.com/program_moneval

Need to ensure that country data are contributed

How do we get all the data submitted Next ESA review and planning meeting Follow up in washington - make space for this

USAID Update[edit | edit source]

Enter MAJOR ongoing/planned and completed tasks

Task Status Notes for PCT review
Links with other funders Funding for scaling up SI Innovation Laboratory

ESA Update[edit | edit source]

Enter MAJOR ongoing/planned and completed tasks
Task Status Notes for PCT review
2014-2016 workplans and budget Workplans and budget are with Steering Committee for approval IHZ: WORKPLANS ARE IMPLEMENTED
Technical report to USAID NEXT REPORT (OCTOBER 14 TO MARCH 15) UNDER PREPARATION; Report submitted to donor
Project document Will be prepared before review in February (IHZ) IHZ: DONE; revision not done
IP establishment R4D platforms in several locations IHZ: 2 IN TANZANIA AND 2 IN MALAWI AT DISTRICT LEVEL OPERATIONAL
New partnerships USAID Africa Bureau has provided US$ 350k to IITA for contracting MSU to carry out a desk study with Zambian national partners to provide the scientific evidence base for the links between field and farm level SI interventions and climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation. Project is implemented, inception workshops held. System Dynamics Model developed and introduced to partners during a workshop for feedback. Currently revised. IHZ: PROJECT RECEIVED NO COST EXTENSION UNTIL END OF AUGUST 15.

Concept note to the USAID mission in Tanzania is under preparation for scaling technologies for rice, maize, beans, vegetables, soil fertility (fertilizer), strengthening seed systems, post harvest handling (4.5-5m for 3 years).
Project approved ($2,000,000 for year 1).
GIS position filled on 1 June

action/discussion points

Will this project continue beyond August 2015?teams

WA Update[edit | edit source]

Enter MAJOR ongoing/planned and completed tasks
Task Status Notes for PCT review
Project document under preparation, will be ready for the project evaluation Prepared but needs revision - end of December 2014 IHZ: NOT DONE;Revision still not done
2014/15 Workplan implementation PLANNING OF FIELD ACTIVITIES TO BE CONCLUDED SOON; Workplan updated and partner contracts signed
IP establishment 6 DISTRICT LEVEL PLATFORMS IN PLACE IN GHANA AND 2 IN MALI; FARA to be contracted to help with Platforms in Ghana

Ethiopia Update[edit | edit source]

Enter MAJOR ongoing/planned and completed tasks
Task Status Notes for PCT review
Meher season action research 30 research protocols implemented across all sites after participant selection meetings.
New partnerhships Fertilizer project initial concept note approved, finalising proposal with mission (Ethiopia mission, led by ILRI)

Follow up with BMGF?
Good initial meetings with GAIN around nutrition (dairy and household nutrition; biofortification)

action/discussion points

Fertilizer proposal did not come to fruition.
Interesting indications of ground up adoption for scaling of AR initiatives (e.g. S. Tigray Zone / AGP inputs). Facilitated by IPs.

2014-2015 workplan implementation action/discussion points Follow up and new protocols currently being submitted for implementation June 2015. Shift away from survey / diagnostics to on-farm action and scaling.
Technical reports to USAID October 2014 - March 2015 report in preparation
IP establishment Training of local facilitators in IP maintenance and comms tools; IPs established at different levels

IPs as potential locus for 'research on scaling'?
Several documents and guidelines produced

action/discussion points
External review Took place March/April 2015; report in preparation action/discussion points
Planning meeting Took place early December 2014; Reviewed protocols; focus on scaling and led to draft scaling plan
Monthly CGIAR meetings Well attended with regular info sharing and reporting
Scaling Draft scaling plan produced Initial conversations with local comms partners (video/radio) to explore scaling support Evidence already crystallising of "spontaneous" scaling. Two specific research protocols in preparation:

Mapping the diffusion of Africa RISING innovations via spontaneous scaling activities.
A comparison of campaign based approaches to promote the scaling of AR innovations.
Exploring links with Digital Green and Farm Radio

M&E Update[edit | edit source]

Enter MAJOR ongoing/planned and completed tasks
Status Notes for PCT review
Actions: 2 days of PMMT training in all countries/sites Main point is the data sharing and management - ensure (meta) data is shared
Updates to the tool, among other things, separation of the mapping application from the data entry application (to make the system faster). Ongoing BVL: whose job is it to analyze the data? - the projects all together. Up to each project to do own analysis.
This round of training on the PMMT will include:

training on the FtF indicators
training on consistency-checks embedded excel template for offline data compilation (for uploading onto the PMMT and then FtFMS)

Coordination of training ongoing
IFPRI is working with AR colleagues to identify AR researchers for these training, as this round of training be given to selected AR researchers willing to serve as Points of Contacts (PoCs), to jointly address questions that may arise post training, Ongoing, ready by mid-June in time for the training IFPRI needs to alert project scientists that the baseline data is available. send a reminder. -> done
IFPRI also proposes that all Ftf data get uploaded onto the PMMT by October 31st or a month before the FtFMS portal closes, to give time for checking and aggregation of WP-level data to mega-site level
Another main point the evolving IFPRI scope of work in AR -SoW circulated
Malawi ARBES published on IFPRI internal platform (Dataverse): Tanzania next Ongoing
Data cleaning and documentation for Malawi, Tanzania, Mali, Ghana, and Ethiopias Data cleaning done for MWI, TZA.
Reports under preparation:

Ghana and Mali reports to be shared with field research teams by 4/30
Tanzania under revision
Malawi and Ethiopia next in the agenda

Ghana report shared, Mali ongoing
Follow up with Zambia and Wageningen team (for SIMLEZA data access); with Thom Jayne (MSU) (for RALS data access) Not yet pursued due to lack of time in analyzing Zambia data
External collaborations
Wageningen team

FAO: Memorandum of Understanding signed
Biosight/IAMM (water, land, ecosystem integration)


Dialogue initiated

Internal collaborations
IFPRI-IITA collaboration on research output for Ghana (and possibly Mali)

IFPRI-IITA collaboration on data collection in Babati (with Job Kihara and Gundula Fischer)


Dialogue initiated

Talks b/n IFPRI, IITA and ILRI for Ghana, Mali, and Ethiopia M&E data managers. Asamoah's proposal is to hire nationally recruited M&E officers for Ghana and Mali with IFPRI's total contribution of $50k; Peter T. proposal is to hire a data manager in Ethiopia with IFPRI's contribution of $35k. IFPRI is proposing that Ethiopia/ILRI data manager be responsible for both monitoring of EH project and managing of AR data through CKAN Under discussion
Annual M&E meeting preparation and organization in Bamako, (October 2015) jointly with the Science Symposium Ongoing
Paper on targeting and expected impact in Malawi submitted to ICABR and ICAE; poster presented at Humidtropics conference Done, presented at several conferences
Paper on Sustainable Intensification and Dietary Quality: How sensitive is crop income to dietary quality in Malawi? Abstract submitted to the 2nd International Conference on Nutrition, October 2015, Cornell Ongoing
IFPRI Scope of Work circulated. Discussion completed with USAID Approved by USAID with comments
How many agr. trials do we have in AR?
Do we hold back funding from people not delivering data
http:www.agtrials.org] Ongoing Chief scientists have important roles
Culture of sharing and awareness, capacity development necessary
Improve the workflows for CKAN? widen access to CKAN?

Comms Update[edit | edit source]

Enter MAJOR ongoing/planned and completed tasks
Task Status Notes for PCT review
Publicity materials
Briefs CGIAR Now 18 completed (all ethiopia); converting another 10 or so from other regions with same template
Virtual comms team catchups Irregular
Half-yearly comms metrics/stats [webstats]
Web site updates 32 updates and posts this year (from all regions)

12000 views this year (9000 same period last year)

Need to go thru and update descriptive info on ESA and WE
Wiki gardening/management 25000 views from 9000 visitors
Documents to CGSPACE 288 documents/products online

19 in 2015
77 in 2014
IITA will join cgspace as its own repository

Use of yammer for internal updating We are seeing regular posting and reactions Do we need more systematic/regular internal updates from coordinators?
Photo sharing on flickr regularly updated
Presentations shared on slideshare regularly updated
ARISING calendar updating regularly updated
Photojournalist 2016 ESA

Learning Event 2015

Messaging Link to 'science' meeting in October

Prepare slide decks of data, evidence, stories; also climate-smart ag and private sector