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Africa RISING Program Close-out Event
Early 2023 (the week of 6 February 2023)
Accra, Ghana
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Process/Facilitation note:

  • Needs to be very interactive and light, but providing ample opportunity for reflective engagement with the meeting content.


  1. Showcase Africa RISING achievements at regional and program level.
  2. Present and critically assess the major research and development results of the program.
  3. Explore opportunities for further scaling of project outputs and outcomes beyond Africa RISING.
  4. Harness key lessons for Africa RISING and sister projects.

Expected outputs

  1. Documentation of Africa RISING’s results and their transition pathways
  2. Synthesis notes capturing implementation lessons on systems research and SIAF from the perspectives of Africa RISING and other projects like CSISA and SIIL

Draft Agenda (subject to adjustments)

  • 08:30 Registration
  • 09:00 Participant introductions[Process: Mapping exercise/Ask participants some reflective questions that connects last event session on day 3 with the beginning of the event/memories/alternative - ask each region an achievements question]
  • 09:45 Close out event objectives – Fred Kizito/Peter Thorne
  • 09:50 Opening/welcome remarks
  • Project Managers – Fred Kizito/Peter Throne
  • High level leadership from the lead centers [ILRI/IITA/IFPRI]
  • USAID Leadership at the event - J. Glover/Z. Stewart
  • Ministry of Ag. Rep from Ghana [Process: We'll need to develop talking points for the Minister]
  • 10:20 Agenda overview - Fred Kizito/Peter Throne
  • 10:30 Ground rules & logistics for the meeting - Facilitator
  • 10:30 Timeline review of the Africa RISING Program [key milestones] - Fred Kizito/Peter Throne [Process: Light fun exercise. Work with Fred Kizito and Peter Thorne to identify pictures of key milestone moments for Africa RISING from Phase 1 to Phase 2. Think about how to make it fun and engaging for the participants.]
  • 10:50 The big picture (program-wide) of Africa RISING achievements - joint presentation by Fred Kizito, Peter Throne, Carlo Azzarri [Process: This will be a celebrity interview format where Fred and Peter would be interviewed by the facilitators and the audience. We'll need some questions for the interview. Alternative: it could be a PPT presentation]
  • 12:00 Fishbowl session: Discussion on implementing the SIAF: What challenges were faced? What were the key lessons? the broader implications of SI as an approach for agricultural development?
  • 13:00 - 14:30: Lunch

14:30 Market place of project level technologies/achievements (in poster format) organized around three thematic SI entry points: (i) genetic intensification, (ii) ecological intensification, and (iii) socio-economic intensification. Nominated technologies for showcase by each regional project highlighted below should answer the question “to what extent have we generated evidence at all levels in what we do that it is possible to intensify these farming systems (where we've worked) in a sustainable manner?”. Template for posters to be developed with guidance from Chief Scientists. [Process: Write to partners early to prepare their posters. A poster template should be shared with them. We will need a large space for this session, Make sure the hotel selected can accommodate the market place activity.Market place could be self-regulated/free roaming or structured go-around. Add introductory pitches made by each poster owner]

  • Genetic intensification
  • Improved crop varieties (Faba bean with bread wheat) in Ethiopia – Seid Ahmed
  • Improved forage varieties in Ethiopia – Melkamau/ Kindu Mekonnen/ Aberra Adie
  • Drought tolerant quality protein maize – Patrick Okori
  • High yielding disease resistant groundnut – Patrick Okori
  • High yielding drought-tolerant common beans – Rowland Chirwa
  • Resilient variety of tomato – Justus Ochieng
  • Dual purpose sorghum varieties – Folorunso Akinseye/ Bouba Traore/ Birhanu Zemadim
  • Improved/diseases tolerant vegetable varieties adapted to northern Ghana – Jean Baptiste Tignegre
  • Ecological intensification
  • Landscape-scale rehabilitation in Ethiopia – Lulseged Temene / Wuletaw
  • Site-specific fertilizer recommendations – Getachew Agegnhu
  • Doubled up legumes – Regis Chikowo
  • Targeting crop sequencing – Regis Chikowo
  • Mbili mbili – Job Kihara
  • Soil fertility management through fertilizer application – Job Kihara
  • Soil and water conservation in Tanzania – Fred Kizito
  • Conservation agriculture in Malawi and Zambia – Christian Thierfelder
  • Cowpea living mulch in Ghana – Nurudeen
  • Contour bunding in Mali – Kalifa Traore/ Birhanu Zemadim
  • Soil and Water Conservation in Ghana – Wilson Agyei
  • Socio-economic intensification
  • Feed trough in Ethiopia – Melkamu/ Kindu/ Aberra
  • Small scale mechanization (2WT tractors) in Ethiopia – Rabi Yahya
  • High value fruit trees in Ethiopia – Aster Gebrekristos / Endalkachew
  • Technologies for reducing post-harvest losses – Christopher Mutungi
  • Improved household nutrition – Seetha Anitha
  • Vegetable gardens in Mali – Mahama Saaka/ Jean Baptiste
  • Maize shellers in Ghana – Bekele Kotu
  • Advisory services in Ghana and Mali – Fred Kizito
  • Efficient feed utilization through feed troughs in West Africa – Sadat Salifu
  • 16:30 Participants go back into the room for an online Menti reflections exercise
  • 16:45 End of day 1


  • Registration
  • Overview of day 2 agenda
  • Recap of day 1 [a well-designed, light + fun exercise]
  • Data monitoring and evaluation experiences, Ex-ante analysis, and return on investment – C. Azzarri
  • Discussion: Partnerships in Scaling – Lessons from selected scaling partners
  • Experiences and lessons in harnessing diversity and research partnerships in projects like the Africa RISING partnerships (how to take research to farmers/deliver more effectively)? – Chief Scientists, M. Bekunda/ K. Mekonnen/ F. Kizito
  • Wrap up day 2


  • Registration
  • Overview of day 3 agenda
  • Recap of day 2 [a well-designed, light + fun exercise]
  • Panel discussion/ Celebrity Interview: How to conduct systems research and showcase value – experiences from AR, CSISA and others? Why would you want to pursue it as opposed to other approaches? [session to feature invited panelists from SIIL, CSISA, USAID, One CGIAR Initiative on SI-MFS] – Suggested panel: Bernard Vanlauwe/Peter Thorne (AR), Vara Prasad (SIIL), Gundula Fischer (AR), Fred Kizito/Santiago Lopez (One CGIAR SI-MFS Initiative), Sieg Snapp (CIMMYT/CSISA/AR), Jerry Glover/ Zach Stewart (USAID)
  • Discussion: How can we leverage the outcomes generated from Africa RISING into the One CGIAR initiatives and other players within the global development arena?
  • SUGGESTION by Tsehay: REPHRASE THIS DISCUSSION to focus on showcasing exactly what has been picked up from Africa RISING by the new One CGIAR Initiatives
  • Introductory presentation providing overview of what has already been taken up from each regional project – Chief Scientist, M. Bekunda/ K. Mekonnen/ F. Kizito
  • Facilitated discussion about practical steps to be taken to ensure this happens better
  • Fun debrief exercise with all participants – Looking back at the Africa RISING timeline presented on day 1, I would add?
  • Closing remarks
  • USAID – Rob Bertram/ Jerry Glover/ Zach Stewart
  • High level leadership from the lead centers [ILRI/IITA/IFPRI]
  • Min. of Ag. Representation from the host/implementing country
  • Wrap up of event