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Sustainable Intensification Assessment Framework Implementation Workshop.
30 October – 2 November, 2018.
Accra, Ghana
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Invitees to prepare as teams (one team per research site) to review, clean and format one relevant data set that addresses specific research questions and SI domains. Some thought to be given to achieving reasonable coverage of different disciplines (e.g. crop, soil, livestock, NRM) during selection of these datasets. Develop inventories of the data used and identify potential gaps in data availability across the SI domains. These are then to be assessed by the SI indicators framework team (Mark Musumba under the leadership of Cheryl Palm and Sieg Snapp). Formatting of datasets, review of data quality and organisation into a format that can be used during analysis at the workshop to be carried out by Mark Musumba (one month supervised by Cheryl Palm and Sieg Snapp).

Workshop leaders:

    • Mark Musumba (Socio-economist and SI framework author),
    • Ric Coe (Statistician and SI framework expertise),
    • Sieg Snapp (Environmental and Productivity aspects of the SI framework and participatory research expertise).
    • A workshop leader is indicated in parenthesis for each day. The entire team (Mark, Sieg and Ric) will provide support throughout.

Day 1. - led by Mark Musumba

Brief overview of SI indicator framework and team presentations

  • Review of the guide to learn more about how to apply the framework, key indicators and proxy metrics;
  • Critical evaluation of the current coverage of the different domains at the different spatial scales as well as the balance amongst quantitative and qualitative indicators;
  • Summarise gaps to be addressed in future iterations of the framework;
  • Overview and review of the currently available visualization tools;
  • Identification of possible further interpretations and possible approaches for analyzing / visualizing these

Initial review of participant teams’ datasets

  • Introduction to principles of and some systematic approaches to / criteria for selection of indicators and metrics and how to identify potential trade-offs and synergies depending on research question / domains.
  • Individual participant teams introduce research objectives, proposed indicators and metrics, and data sets collected;
  • Specific feedback on these from Mark Musumba including initial assessment of data sets, identification of any gaps and how these might be addressed using proxies / literature review etc.

Day 2 - led by Mark Musumba & Ric Coe

Plan and implement analysis of participants’ datasets

  • Introduction of the approaches for analysing linkages amongst performance indicators in multiple domains and identify any gaps;
  • Perform initial statistical analyses for each dataset; each team to use their data to identify key insights in terms of SI performance amongst indicators and across domains;
  • Initial assessment of tradeoffs and synergies through indicator visualization;