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Africa RISING West Africa Virtual Exchange Seminar (WAVES)
6 October 2021
Virtual via Ms TEAMS
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  1. A. Dissa
  2. A. R. Nurudeen
  3. B. Kotu
  4. B. Traore
  5. Bouba
  6. D. Fuseini
  7. E. Panyan
  8. F. Avornyo
  9. F. Kizito
  10. F. Muthoni
  11. G. Fischer
  12. I. Hoeschle-Zeledon
  13. J. Odhong
  14. K. Sanogo
  15. M. Bekunda
  16. M. Cavicchioli
  17. M. Diancoumba
  18. O. Cofie
  19. S. A. Adebayo
  20. W.O. Duah
  21. Z. Birhanu

Introduction – Fred Kizito

A lot of work plans from Mali are on track. Subcontracts have been sent. Please note clauses in your partnership contracts that really highlight the deliverables that need to be met. A Certain percentage of funding has been held contingent upon deliverable of those pending ones. These pending ones are the Handbook, Data, and other deliverables related to publications.

Follow up – I. Hoeschle-Zeledon

We urge partners to submit pending deliverables from the past two-three years. We have been very relaxed on that, and have just signed new contracts. Since we are going into the last year, we can continue with it. We need the deliverables for which we have received funding and which we have promised in the work plans. They are not just there for being there. They form part of our whole logic in the project. It’s our part to achieve the project outputs, outcomes, and impacts, so we really need the deliverables. The data is a compulsory thing. It constantly reminds us that we have to submit the data and eventually make them public after the embargo time.
  • F. Kizito – Thanks to Irmgard for the follow-up. There are a couple of partner contracts that are also pending for Ghana, mainly because partners have not necessarily addressed some comments. I think if we can at least fast track and make sure that by the middle of October we have this out of the way, that will be really appreciated because there are so many changes happening. The earlier we sort this out, the better it is for you to also make the deliverables.
I got a communication from Willemien about the Handbook. She plans to check with the lead authors by mid-October. She is requesting partners to kindly provide the most current update on their google docs versions, such that at least, we can then download those versions and comment on them and provide feedback. Then we can again work on those google versions. We have been shortened by end of November to have at least something that is put together as a Handbook. We have already got two complete versions from partners that have gone through review, and they are currently going through a second review. This is meant to encourage partners that if you have not made changes or you intend to make changes, you should do them as quickly as possible. Even if partners feel their version is ready for review, kindly send an email to Willemien and copy me so that we can find a way of fast-tracking that review as well.
We are in the process of submitting the proposal for the handbook to CABI. The handbook needs to go through a normal peer-review process, and the publisher as well has to accept it to be published through their editorial. This is a back-and-forth issue. We will update you on the process. Nonetheless, it would be nice if processes around updating in the individual chapters are also proceeding with the pace at which we are going, in relation to negotiating or engaging the publisher.
  • I. Hoeschle-Zeledon – Fred has explained the process. The most important thing is to be aware that it is a long process; it doesn’t happen within two-three months. We are still at the very beginning of this Handbook. We should put all effort together to have at least good progress when the project ends, so that we know the publication of the Handbook is secured, and we will follow the next three months. For that to happen, we work seriously on the different chapters and have quick turnarounds.

PRESENTATION BY BOUBA TRAORE - Biomass and Nutrient Dynamics from household to field in Koutiala, South Mali