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Africa RISING WA Project Close-Out Event
1 - 3 November 2022
Bamako, Mali
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  1. Present and critically assess the major research and development outputs and deliverables of the project.
  2. Explore opportunities for further scaling of project outputs and outcomes beyond the life of Africa RISING.

Day ONE [1 November 2022]

  • 08:30 Participants registration
  • 09:00 Introduction of participants/ overview of agenda for the day
  • 09:30 Welcome & Opening remarks
  • ICRISAT West and Central Africa Director – Tabo Ramadjita
  • IITA Sahel Hub Director - Tahirou Abdoulai
  • Representative from USAID Mali Country Mission
  • USAID Center for Ag. Led Growth leadership (Washington DC) - Jerry Glover/Zachary Stewart
  • 09:50 Welcome remarks by DG of IER - Modibo Sylla
  • 10:00 Timeline presentation of Africa RISING, specific focus on WA – B. Zemadim
  • 10:30 Break
  • 11:00 Integration approaches for sustainable intensification in West Africa/Intro. to the WA Handbook of Technologies – F. Kizito, WA Chief Scientist
  • 11:30 World Café Session: Reviewing and gathering inputs into the WA Handbook of Technologies
Key questions to answer as part of the world café: (i) what linkages should be expressed within & between the chapters? (ii) what components/technologies/opportunities are missing but should be included in the chapters? (iii)how could/should the chapter authors enhance their key messages to ensure they resonate with development agents/policy makers who are the primary target audiences for the handbook?
  • CHAPTER 1: Participatory Gender Assessments in Sustainable Agricultural Intensification - Benedict Boyubie, Kipo Jimoh, Gundula Fischer, Martina Cavicchioli, Nurudeen Abdul Rahman, Mahama Saaka, Mirja Michalschek
  • Gender-assessment tools based on the five SIAF domains
  • Matrix-scoring based on SIAF 
  • Case study: Matrix scoring to assess gender dimensions of the cowpea living mulch technology in northern Ghana  
  • CHAPTER 2: Genetic intensification for resilient cropping systems - Saaka Buah, Mumuni Abudulai,Felix. Bodolo, Samuel Saaka Buah,Nicholas Ninju Denwar, Abdoulaye Diallo, Madina Diancoumba, Prince Maxwell Etwire, Issah Sugri, Asamoah Larbi, Roger Adamu Luri Kanton,James Kombiok, Francis Kusi, Baloua Nebie, Mamourou Sidibe, Jean-Baptiste Tignegre, and Aboubacar Toure
  • Drought and Striga tolerant maize varieties
  • Sorghum hybrids (Pablo, Fadda and Sewa, Dual-purpose sorghum)
  • Soybean for Sustainable Intensification
  • Aflatoxin resistant and early maturing groundnut varieties
  • Vegetables varieties - tomato (Rio Grande), African eggplant (L10), Okra (Konni)
  • CHAPTER 3: Practices to intensify and diversify mixed crop-livestock systems - Nurudeen Abdul Rahman,Mumuni Abudulai, Richard Agyare, Felix Bodolo, Saaka Buah, Nicholas Ninju Denwar, Prince Maxwell Etwire, Sugri Issah,Roger Adamu Luri Kanton, James Kombiok, Bekele Kotu, Francis Kusi, Asamoah Larbi, Shaibu Mellon, Jerry Asalma Nboyine, Baloua Nebie, John Nzungize, Robert Kwasi Owusu, Ahmed Seidu, Mamourou Sidibe, Albert Rouamba, Jean-Baptiste Tignegre, Mukhtaru Zakaria, Birhanu, Zemadim, and Paul Zaato
  • Maize-legume strip cropping (cowpea and groundnut) strip cropping
  • Sorghum-legume (groundnut) intercropping
  • Integrated pest management for cowpea - genotype and insecticide spray regime
  • 12:40 Lunch
  • CHAPTER 4: Integrated Soil Fertility Management for improving cropping systems - Nurudeen Abdul Rahman, Francis Marthey Tetteh, Fred Kizito, Bekele Hundie Kotu, Samuel Saaka Buah, Roger Adamu Lori Kanton, Prince Maxwell Etwire, Asamoah Larbi, Folorunso Mathew Akinseye, Madina Diancoumba, Birhanu Zemadim, Julius Yirzagla, Bouba Traore, Moumini Guindo, and Hama Kassé.
  • Soil fertility management practices/technologies
  • Maize-NPK
  • Cowpea with starter N
  • Rice-N fertilizer
  • Compost application technique for sorghum
  • Maize with cowpea living mulch
  • CHAPTER 5: Strategies for Improving Land, Soil and Water Resources Management in West Africa and the Sahel - Birhanu Zemadim Birhanu, Fred Kizito, Kalifa Traoré, Henry E. Igbadun, Minh Thai, Cofie Funke, Clarisse Umutoni, Arouna Dissa, Katrien Descheemaeker, Ramadjita Tabo, and Anthony Michael Whitbread
  • Contour bunding technology with fast growing tree species
  • Innovative Water Management Tools for Scheduling Irrigation
  • Effectiveness of maize with cowpea living mulch for soil and water conservation
  • Local policy instruments to govern natural resoruces management and farmers’ inclusion in agricultural value chains
  • CHAPTER 6: Improved livestock management within mixed crop-livestock farming systems - Addah Weseh, Terry Ansah, Fred Kizito, Abdul-Rahaman Nurudeen, Augustine Abioye Ayantunde, Sadat Salifu, Théophile Dembele, Solomon Konlan, Franklin Avornyo, Mohammed T. Shaibu, Mariesta K. J. Ahiagbe, and Emmanuel K. Panyan
  • Crop residue production, processing and preservation as livestock feed
  • Integrating Napier grass and Pigeon pea fodder production in farming systems to produce fodder for improved small ruminant productivity
  • Small ruminant feed and health management for West Africa
  • Developing the Small Ruminant Value Chain
  • CHAPTER 7: Minimizing food waste and improving food safety - Ortega-Beltran Alejandro, Bandyopadhyay Ranajit, Agbetiameh Daniel, Sugri Issah, Abubakari M, Zakaria M, Konate D, Waliyar F, Desmae Haile
  • Integrated practices to minimize grain storage
  • Aflasafe for aflatoxin control
  • Management of aflatoxin in groundnut using pre-and post-harvest technologies
  • CHAPTER 8: Improving household nutrition and food quality - Mahama Saaka, Caroline Sobgui, Jean Baptiste Tignegre, and Linda Edoh
  • Engaging mothers and fathers to increase support for optimal child feeding practices using the Care Group Approach/Model
  • Integration of Nutrition education with agricultural interventions for improved child dietary diversity
  • Preservation of Vegetables Using the Zero Energy Cool Chamber (ZECC) for Food Security
  • CHAPTER 9: Integration and landscape-based approaches for Sustainable intensification - Kizito Fred, and Bekunda Mateete, and Birhanu Zemadim
  • CHAPTER 10: Approaches for taking agricultural technologies to scale for smallholder farmers - Descheemaeker Katrien, Birhanu Zemadim, Muthoni Francis, Groot Jeroen, Badolo Felix, Kizito Fred
  • Targeting of innovations to the biophysical context
  • Targeting to farm and household features
  • Farmer Research Networks
  • Technology parks
  • Innovation Platforms as means to boost the adoption of improved technologies
  • Scaling through mass media approaches
  • 16:00 Break
  • 16:45 End of day 1

Day TWO [2 November 2022]

  • 08:50 Overview of agenda for the day
  • 09:00 World Café Session: Reviewing and gathering inputs into the WA Handbook of Technologies continued
  • 10:20 Break
  • 10:50 World Café Session continued
  • 11:50 Summarized feedback from Chapter leads
  • 12:30Closing discussion from World Café Sessionss
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:30 Lessons in implementation
  • 14:30 - 15:30 Panel discussion: Partnerships in Scaling - Bougouna Sogoba, Mohammed Dicko (AMEDD), John Nzugize (ARDT-SMS), Mohammed Dicko, Maimouna Rep MaliMark, Nana Ntiamoah (DEGAS), Chief Amadou (SEEDPAG), Tumaini Sidibe (FENABE), Patrick Kiao (ESOKO)
  • 15:30 Break
  • 16:00 Reflections from regional Chief Scientists
  • Mateete Bekunda, Chief Scientists ESA
  • Kindu Mekonnen, Chief Scientist Ethiopian Highlands

  • 16:30 Next steps for closure of project and what follows (administrative focus) – F. Kizito
  • 16:45 Closing remarks
  • 17:00 Wrap up/ Close of science outcomes & impacts review meeting

Day THREE [3 November 2022]

[To hold at ICRISAT campus in Samanko]
  • 09:00 Registration
  • 09:30 Achievements of AR Program in Ghana [N. AbdulRahman] and in Mali [B. Traore]
  • 10:00 Exhibition tour, coupled with farmer testimonies
  • New crop varieties of crops - sorghum, vegetables- Akinseye Folorunsu (Aminata Coulibaly Tangara)
  • Nutrition - value addition - Mahama Saaka and Alpha/Raki (Farmer testimony)
  • Compost manure and cattle corralling system work - Bouba Traore (Farmer testimony by Nfa Coullibaly)
  • Mechanization - Bekele Kotu (Farmer Testimonies in form of Video display (training on machine maintenance)
  • Contour bunding - Kalifa Traore Farmer Testimonies by Adama berthé
  • 12:30 Speeches and remarks from the Sous Prefects of Koutiala and BougouniMande
  • 13:00 Vote of Appreciation - Irmgard Hoeschle-Zeledon and Fred Kizito, Former and Current Africa RISING Project Managers
  • 13:15 Closing and then Lunch
  • 18:30 Cocktail at the hotel

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